How a Creditor Can Collect a Judgment

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  • How a Creditor Can Collect a Judgment PDF

    A person or business you owe money to is called a creditor. If a creditor wants to force you to pay a debt, they first must ask the court for a judgment. Many people feel that having a judgment against them is the worst possible thing. A judgment simply is a piece of paper at the local courthouse that says you owe someone a certain sum of money. This allows the creditor to use legal actions to collect the judgment. However, the creditor first must get a judgment. A creditor with a judgment is called a “judgment-creditor.” This articles describes how a creditor can collect a judgment. Content Detail

  • 12 Common Sense Rules for Dealing with Creditors and Debt Collectors PDF

    You have the same problem faced by millions of people. You have more expenses, bills and debts than you have money to pay them. Here are some pointers for helping you deal with creditors and debt collectors. Content Detail