Self-help forms

  • Forms related to family law issues

    By answering a few questions, this program will help you calculate how much spousal support you might be eligible to get. You can also use this program to help you create documents relating to custody and visitation. Content Detail

  • Forms to help with issues with your landlord

    You can use this program to create letters to your landlord if you feel you are living in unsafe conditions, if you are in danger of being evicted or if your landlord failed to return your security deposit. Content Detail

  • Uncontested Divorce Forms

    This program can help you create a document to take to court if you are seeking an uncontested divorce in Virginia. Uncontested means that you have lived separate and apart from your spouse for six months (if you do not have any children under 18) or one year (if you and your spouse have minor children). This separation must be continuous, without interruption and without cohabitation. In an uncontested divorce, you do not have to claim your spouse did something wrong, like adultery or desertion. Content Detail

  • Link to Commonly Used Forms

    This link will take you to Legal Services of Northern Virginia's website where you will be able to access commonly used forms by category. Content Detail