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Senior Navigator - Virginia's Resource for Health and Aging

Senior - Virginia's Resource for Health and Aging

Virginia Advance Medical Directive Template

You may use the attached form as a template for your advance directive, but a lawyer may help you if you have additional questions or complex health care needs. The form is only a model. You can use it or numerous other forms or no form at all. Just be sure that whatever you use includes: (1) your health care wishes, (2) your signature, and (3) the signatures of two adult witnesses.

Virginia Department for the Aging

State agency that assists elder adults in a variety of ways.

Advance Directives

All adults in Virginia have a right to prepare a document called an “Advance Directive” to put their wishes about medical care in writing. This article contains more information regarding Advance Directives.

Senior Citizen's Handbook

Click above to get more information about this topic from the Senior Citizen Handbook created by the Virginia State Bar.

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