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Once it has been ordered and has not been paid on time, unpaid child support becomes a judgment by operation of law. The amount of child support that has not been paid on time is called an “arrearage” or “arrearages.” More often, it’s simply called “back child support.” It can’t be changed retroactively. Neither party can go back and undo, set aside, or change the arrearage. It can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. All you can do is pay it. If you have proof of payment, you should show that to the court or agency that last ordered child support. This article explains how child support is ordered, and what happens if it isn’t paid.

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative law is a new way to resolve family law disputes. Each party has a separate and specially trained attorney. The lawyers’ only job is to help the parties settle the case. If the attorneys do not succeed in helping the clients settle, the attorneys are out of a job. They never can represent either client against the other. Everyone agrees to work together with respect, honesty and good faith. They try to find “win-win” solutions to the reasonable needs of both parties.

Child Support

This article describes your legal rights about child support.

Child Support

This article is a series of questions and answers on child support issues.

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