Virginia State Bar Lawyer Referral Service

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If you think you have a problem which may require the services of a lawyer, call the Virginia Lawyer Referral Service.  Your call will be answered by a referral specialist who will request your name a brief description of your problem.  Based on this information, you will be provided with a name and number of a lawyer in your community who has indicated an interest in handling your type of problem.  If you are referred to a lawyer, you will be entitled to consult with him or her for up to one half hour for a fee of $35.  The lawyer you consult will be glad to discuss his or her fees and the cost of service beyond the initial half hour consultation; however, there is no obligation for either you or the lawyer to beyond the one half hour consultation.

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Virginia State Bar Lawyer Referral Service
Richmond, VA 23219
800) 552-7977
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