Guided Interview for Bankruptcy Applicants

Authored By: Central Virginia Legal Aid Society, Inc. LSC Funded

Guided Interview for Bankruptcy Applicants

What you need to know before proceeding

This program provides legal information.  It will recommend whether you should, or should not, contact an attorney about filing bankruptcy now.  If it recommends you should file bankruptcy now, it will explain why.  It also will explain which type of bankruptcy you should file.  This program does not create an attorney-client relationship. 

If you may be eligible for free legal aid, the program will suggest which legal aid may be able to assist.  If the program recommends you should not file bankruptcy now, it will explain why.  It also will explain when you may want to consider filing bankruptcy if your situation changes.

In either case, the program will produce a worksheet with all of the information you provided.  It will not produce forms that you can use to file bankruptcy.  You will not be able to use this program if your bankruptcy has any one of a number of complicating factors.

In all cases, it is best to consult with an attorney before you file bankruptcy.  You may be able to file bankruptcy without an attorney, but it is not recommended.  Bankruptcy can be difficult.  You may lose income, property, or other rights if you do not know the law.

This program does not automatically file a bankruptcy for you.  Do not use this program if you have a currently ongoing bankruptcy case.


To use this program, you should be at a computer that is connected to a printer.  You also will be able to email the worksheet and save it in your email for later printing.  You will need the following information to use this program:

1. Your five largest debts, including the type of debt and how much you owe

2. Your source and amount of income

3. Your source and amount of money in checking and savings accounts

4. Your other assets on deposit

5. Property you own free and clear

6. Property you are buying on credit, including how much it is worth and how much you owe on it